Monterey Wine Tasting

5 Helpful Monterey Wine Tasting Room Visitor Rules

If you’re planning on enjoying a day of fine Monterey wine tasting in the near future, you need to pay attention to proper etiquette. People who want to behave like seasoned and knowledgeable experts at Monterey or Carmel tasting rooms can get a lot out of the following helpful suggestions. If you want your Monterey wine tasting experience to go off without a hitch, these tips can be priceless. The more you know in advance, the easier and more pleasant your tasting session will be.

1. Refrain from the Use of Perfume or Cologne
Noticeable scents can be highly distracting to people who want to take in the amazing tastes of wines. If you don’t want to spoil all the fun for everyone else around you, go fragrance-free for the day.

2. Avoid Acting Like a Smarty-Pants
If you have significant wine expertise, it may be more than a little tempting to put it on display for others to notice. It’s important to resist this urge. If you throw a lot of technical wine jargon around, you’ll likely come across as condescending to staff members and fellow visitors alike.

3. Be Willing to Leave Your Old Opinions at The Front Door
If you want to enjoy a wine tasting session that’s truly fulfilling and eye-opening, you have to be eager to try new options out. If you’ve never been the biggest fan of a certain type of wine, consider sampling it again and giving it another chance. You never know. You may just develop a brand new obsession!

4. Don’t Act Like You’re Someone You’re Not
If you don’t work in the wine world, avoid acting like you do. Few things can be more unpleasant than people who pose as wine professionals in order to land bargains and deals. Don’t be the person who shows up at a tasting room with a fake business card. That’s seriously not cool.


5. Purchase Wine at the End of Your Tasting Session
It can be a nice gesture to take the time to buy wine once your tasting experience is through. Just don’t make the mistake of trying to negotiate prices with the tasting room employees. Wine tasting rooms aren’t outdoor bazaars. If you find some wine you’d like to bring back home with you, pay the appropriate price and leave with a smile.


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